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Why Cosmetic Patients Will Pay More Than You Think

Dear Catherine,

I am in a very competitive market and I’m feeling the pressure to drop my prices. My coordinator tells me weekly about the consults we lose because a competitor offered a better price so the patient went with them.

Here’s the thing…while I would never bad-mouth my competitors, I know my work is better than most and paying a bit more would be worth it to the patient to get a better, longer-lasting result.

How do I get my prospective patients to pay more for a better result?

Dr. W

Catherine’s Answer

Dear Dr. W,

When you have a string of cosmetic patients who “wheel and deal” with you, you start believing that’s your new reality. But not so fast…..

Every practice gets their share of price shoppers. It’s inevitable when you mass market using the Internet. You would think prospective patients are so educated, they would take into consideration a lot more than price but many don’t.

However , on the flip side, there are still plenty of cosmetic patients who will  pay more for your services, even though those services seem identical on the surface (to them).

Here are reasons why some patients will pay more…

You’re easier to do business with.
Patients will pay extra for ease, convenience and time savings. If you can simplify your processes to get your patients in and out with no hassle, a majority of them will pay more for that “added value”. Examples include:  No waiting, express checkout with their credit card on file, post-op recovery kit of supplies they’ll need after surgery so they don’t have to go all over time collecting them themselves, etc.

You offer a unique “must have” feature.
Make a big deal out of something you include in your package that your competitors don’t (or don’t make a big deal out of). For example, you offer a post-op home visit, a pain pump or a face cooling system so the patient doesn’t have to fiddle with ice after a facelift. Be creative. Make it a package so they can’t price shopFor example, include lymphatic massage and oxygen chamber treatments to accelerate healing.

Your customer service is friendlier.
Meeting patient expectations can be quite profitable and exceeding them can be game-changing. Practices underestimate the anger (and even hatred) that cosmetic patients feel when they experience horrible customer service.  By contrast, cosmetic patients will pay more when they are treated respectfully and they know their problems are handled quickly and cheerfully.

Quality customer service can also, however, come from simply remembering the patient’s name and that she goes by “Kay” rather then her legal name, “Margaret”.

Create opportunities to make an impression.
Anytime you can go above and beyond what the patient anticipated, you stand out as extraordinary. That’s what gets the patient to say yes, then be excited to brag about you to their friends and then to write 5-star reviews online. You do that by putting yourself in their shoes as well as by listening to them closely and watching their body language to be sure they are comfortable throughout the entire process.

The patient likes you personally.
Cosmetic patients are human and humans prefer doing business with people they like.  That’s one good reason that developing rapport is so crucial in customer relationships; it provides a buffer that keeps the competition at bay. Form a genuine relationship with your patients so they see you, and only you, as their aesthetic rejuvenation provider.

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Here’s the bottom line…

Your “Preferred” Cosmetic patients are buying value over brand and experience over price.

It would behoove you to dissect every step of your patients’ experience with you to make it
as user-friendly and extraordinary as possible.

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What do you do to WOW your patients?