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Stopped by the Palace but the Queen wasn’t in…

I recently visited London for business and pleasure.  While I was there, I made some observations about the aesthetic industry.

I didn’t see mass advertising about cosmetic enhancement anywhere in the City. Nor were their ads in the newspapers or magazines I thumbed through. There was not one woman on the street who had bad work done. (Although false eyelashes were popular on the younger girls).

When searching online, there were lots of websites but nothing like the US volume.  They Internet had more assertive marketing efforts such as:  Save $400 on cosmetic surgery this Christmas, Free Consult, Refer-a-Friend, Loyalty Points and Payment Plans.

When it comes to medi-spas (they use the word “Clinic”), there were many.  I ran into 3 within 4 blocks of each other in an up-scale neighborhood.  The physicians were in 1-2 days per week and were all different specialties with one being a dentist.

Basically, it was very similar to the states and with 6 million living in London, I suspect the competition will grow.  Cheers!


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