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Tip #5 Impress and Solidify Their Trust in You
If a patient sees that you have many other happy patients who trust and love you, they are less likely to be unhappy with their own result.

Its human nature to identify with others just like them so they will make a connection that says, “If others like Dr. Smith, I like Dr. Smith.” So here are a few points to help enhance your positive image with patients:

●    Frame your degrees and promote in your consulting room.
●    Have a “Meet the Doctor” sheet to include your education, skills and expertise framed to reiterate why you are a good choice.  Display additional PR pieces if available.
●    Have a flat panel monitor on the wall the visiting patient can watch:

  • -3 D patient-education videos of the procedures they are interested in
  • – a welcome video from you telling them you look forward to meeting them urging them to be comfortable, candid and open so, together, you can come to a satisfactory decision
  • – videos of patient testimonials telling them how happy they are with their result and with you.


Catherine Maley, MBA is Author of Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients Are Saying. She is President of Cosmetic Image Marketing and has a team that provides done-for-you and ready-made marketing tools, staff training products and consulting services to drive aesthetic profits.  Visit Catherine and or call her at (877) 339-8833.


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