Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #4

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Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #4

Tip #4 Know the Risks
There’s a saying that says,

If you tell them ahead of time, it’s an explanation
But if you tell them afterwards, it’s an excuse

Set the expected downtime and results by using simple statistics such as, “4 out of  of my patients return to work within one week” or “We have had 98% success rate”.  That way, if they don’t get a satisfactory result, they will recollect there was a small chance they would be that 1 out of 5 or the 2%.

Another good procedure to follow is to have the patient read out loud each point on your consent form and initial it.  Their retention will be better and they are more likely to recall doing remember reading about that risk.


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