Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #1

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Tip #1 Create an atmosphere and environment
The aesthetic patient can be a fickle consumer.  Dynamics shift when this cash-paying patient hands you a credit card versus an insurance card. They have certain expectations they want met and can be assertive in their dissatisfaction by bad-talking you to their friends both offline and online.

That makes it necessary to anticipate and continually improve upon all aspects of the office visit because it’s not about just that one consultation they have with you. The aesthetic patient needs to feel comfortable with you, your staff and your processes.  They are looking for an experience with you.

It’s about setting up processes so that the prospective patient is so satisfied with their experience and result, they become a loyal patient who returns again and again and brings their friends with them. They must trust you will give them a good result and their money’s worth.


Catherine Maley, MBA is Author of Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients Are Saying. She is President of Cosmetic Image Marketing and has a team that provides done-for-you and ready-made marketing tools, staff training products and consulting services to drive aesthetic profits.  Visit Catherine and or call her at (877) 339-8833.


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