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Dealing with the Unhappy Patient

Join me for a free Webinar to discover how to set up  a proven cosmetic patient marketing plan. Register Now >> Ask Catherine This Week’s Question: Dealing with the Unhappy Patient Dear Catherine, For the most part, I have nice patients who are reasonable and pleasant [...]

Speaking for ICAM This Month in Dallas

I've been invited to give a talk entitled, “How to Avoid the Unhappy Patient” at the International Union of Lipoplasty meeting on Saturday, February 23rd in Dallas. And interestingly enough, the keynote speaker is Professor Dr. Giorgio Fischer from Italy and I just learned he invented Liposuction in [...]

Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #3

Tip #3 Set realistic expectations Use every tool possible to clearly explain the outcome this patient can expect from you in a way they will most likely understand.  Patients learn through hearing, touching, seeing, feeling so use as many of their senses as possible to [...]

Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #1

Tip #1 Create an atmosphere and environment The aesthetic patient can be a fickle consumer.  Dynamics shift when this cash-paying patient hands you a credit card versus an insurance card. They have certain expectations they want met and can be assertive in their dissatisfaction by [...]