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Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

As competition heats up in 2012 for aesthetic patients, it’s time to get serious about your aesthetic services and what you offer to the world. If you are committed to crushing it this year, you must have ZERO TOLERANCE for mediocre staff, sloppy processes and [...]

Lay-a-Way Program Helps Conversions

This weekend, I attended a conference where a very smart (and rich) guy was talking about the economic indicators for the next 4 years.  Without going into the depressing and scary statistics about unemployment, the prolonged housing crisis, and government unrest, it looks like we are [...]

Build on Your Successes

The fastest and easiest way to increase your revenues is to replicate your successes again and again. Go through your database and study your accounts receivable carefully.  You’ll see certain pockets of positive results that you can get more of, if you simply put some [...]

Where Are Your New Patients Coming From?

Here's a 1-minute video with an exercise to determine where your big-ticket procedures are coming from. Hint:  The answer is in the data so watch this, do the quick exercise and let me know what you find out: —- For a free download of Catherine’s book, Visit or call [...]

Aesthetic Patients Come in All Shapes and Sizes

It’s more important than ever for patients to see themselves in your materials.  Patients need to quickly feel as if you know them, you understand them and you’ve helped others just like them. For example, if Sally is a 57-year old white professional who wants [...]

Are Fickle Aesthetic Patients Driving You Crazy?

No shows? Looky-Loos? Price Shoppers?  What’s happened to aesthetic patients? Boy, have times changed. Aesthetic patients today are looking around, shopping around, hanging around and not saying YES like they used to. Why? A big reason is because the supply and demand has changed dramatically.  [...]

Customizing and Tailoring for Patient Needs

It’s imperative you know what your patients want, what they think about you and your staff and how to set expectations so the patient is satisfied.  So satisfied, in fact, they return again and again and bring their friends with them. However, due to job [...]

Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #5

Tip #5 Impress and Solidify Their Trust in You If a patient sees that you have many other happy patients who trust and love you, they are less likely to be unhappy with their own result. Its human nature to identify with others just like [...]

Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #4

Tip #4 Know the Risks There’s a saying that says, If you tell them ahead of time, it’s an explanation But if you tell them afterwards, it’s an excuse Set the expected downtime and results by using simple statistics such as, “4 out of  of [...]