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Safe is the New Risk

Playing it safe is a dying strategy.  Nothing is safe anymore. Change is the new constant. The world has turned upside down and you can’t hide and you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and expect a decent outcome. The challenge is to [...]

Razor’s Edge = Profits

I think there was a book or a movie called Razor’s Edge. That means just being a little bit better, as little as a razor’s edge, can make all the difference in the world. How does this apply to your aesthetic practice?  Being just a [...]

Aesthetic Patients Come in All Shapes and Sizes

It’s more important than ever for patients to see themselves in your materials.  Patients need to quickly feel as if you know them, you understand them and you’ve helped others just like them. For example, if Sally is a 57-year old white professional who wants [...]

Marketing to Aesthetic Patients in Tough Times

There is still much you can to help keep your own aesthetic profits consistent while our economy corrects itself. For starters, this is not the perfect time to fish for new aesthetic patients. It will take much more time, money and effort to attract total [...]

What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Successful Year

The media is scaring your cosmetic patients. All of this doom and gloom about the economy is paralyzing to a majority of your patients who are or could be affected by the dips and turns in the economy. Don’t buy into it! There is much [...]

New Success Strategy #6: Grow Your Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Today’s fragmented media outlets have your preferred patients scattered all over the universe.  There’s no easy way to get to them so you have to spend way more money trying to be everywhere they are – very expensive, tiring and ineffective. Truly successful aesthetic practices [...]

New Success Strategy #5: Reclaim Your Lost Patients

Want to know why your patients disappear?  You thought you had a good relationship and now you realize you haven’t seen them in over a year – What happened? The #1 reason patients leave your practice is not because of a bad result. …….It’s because [...]