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Build on Your Successes

The fastest and easiest way to increase your revenues is to replicate your successes again and again. Go through your database and study your accounts receivable carefully.  You’ll see certain pockets of positive results that you can get more of, if you simply put some [...]

Your Best Defense Against Discounters

Since you’re not going to stop this new wave of discounters, a good defense is warranted. Your best defense against discounters is the loyal relationships you’ve built with your current patients.  They already know how skilled you are.  They trust you.  They get a good [...]

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Regardless of how much the media scares the general public, the good news is that vanity knows no bounds and is a strong motivator.  A true aesthetic patient will do whatever is necessary to look and feel better.  For now, they may pull back on [...]

To Discount or Not To Discount

Once you lower your prices, it’s nearly impossible to increase them again without losing patients so I don’t recommend offering temporary discounts.  You are always better off adding value instead.  Patients love a good deal but it doesn’t have to be a cheap price.  Bundling [...]

Increase Aesthetic Patient Conversion Rates

You increase conversion rates by getting back to the fundamentals: ensure your aesthetic patient goes step-by-step through your process so they are most likely to say yes at the end of it. This a well-oiled machine with no shortcuts and every step must happen every [...]

Getting High Quality Referrals

You get quality referrals by offering quality.  The quality of your materials, your receptionist, your staff, your office, you and your services all dictate your values and what you deem important.  If you have the finest quality everything – you will attract patients who see [...]

Email Marketing To The Aesthetic Patient

Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your patients.  It’s quick, easy and best of all – cheap.  But beware!  Email marketing is not as easy as it looks.  You not only need really good copy to make it appealing to [...]