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Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

As competition heats up in 2012 for aesthetic patients, it’s time to get serious about your aesthetic services and what you offer to the world. If you are committed to crushing it this year, you must have ZERO TOLERANCE for mediocre staff, sloppy processes and [...]

Lay-a-Way Program Helps Conversions

This weekend, I attended a conference where a very smart (and rich) guy was talking about the economic indicators for the next 4 years.  Without going into the depressing and scary statistics about unemployment, the prolonged housing crisis, and government unrest, it looks like we are [...]

What Are Your Patients Saying About You?

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island for the past year or two, you know patient reviews are part of your new reality. Thanks to peer-to-peer forums, Yelp, and countless other review sites, you are being scrutinized by your patients.  Good or bad, they are [...]

Effective Patient Follow Up

If you have spent the time to bond with the patient and truly listen to them, they’ll tell you what they think, how they feel and where they’re at in the buying decision.  It’s when you haven’t built a relationship with the patient that you [...]

What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Successful Year

The media is scaring your cosmetic patients. All of this doom and gloom about the economy is paralyzing to a majority of your patients who are or could be affected by the dips and turns in the economy. Don’t buy into it! There is much [...]

There are Only 3 Ways to Grow Your Practice

There are really only 3 ways to build and increase your practice revenues: 1. You can increase the number of patients 2. You can increase the average transaction per patient 3. You can increase the number of times a patient buys from you The following [...]

What Can I Do To Save My Aesthetic Practice?

Here’s a brief dose of brutal reality. It was easy before now and you didn’t have to try very hard to fill up your office with cash-paying patients. Consumers were spending like drunken sailors. Credit was available for everyone for whatever they wanted. TV shows [...]

Aesthetic Marketing Strategies for Tough Times

Now more than ever, your patients need compelling reasons to part with their hard-earned money. The media is scaring them and they are not sure they will have jobs so they are pulling back on their disposable purchases. Have you noticed a dip in your [...]