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Alliances for New Patients

Join me for a free Webinar to discover how to set up  a proven cosmetic patient marketing plan.  This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention. Ask Catherine [...]

3 Steps to Smart Aesthetic Marketing

Step #1: Smart aesthetic marketing focuses your message on the patients you most want to visit your practice. You do not want to be everything to everybody because that’s too general and won’t appeal to anyone.  Decide now who your “preferred” patient is in terms [...]

Understand the Decision-Making Process of an Aesthetic Patient

The aesthetic patient is more confused than ever.  They have many choices and are overwhelmed with the amount of information available today. Know how difficult this process can be for your patients. This consultation with you is probably awkward and uncomfortable for them.  They want [...]

Target Higher-Value Patients

Not everyone will be able to afford your aesthetic services like before so it’s a good strategy to focus on those patients who are least likely to be affected by changes in the economy and last affected by changes in the economy. So, one of [...]

The Aesthetic Physician in 2010 and Beyond

Thankfully, the worst of the Recession is behind us.  A recent survey on CNN shows that 27% of people believe the economy is going to be much better… and 77% of that same group of people says they personally are doing better – yeah! To [...]