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Actions Speak Louder than Words

Whenever I consult with physicians, they inevitably tell me, "I just want to make my patients happy."  Then I ask them what they are doing to make them happy.  I’m told they give them a good result, their staff calls to follow up if they [...]

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Regardless of how much the media scares the general public, the good news is that vanity knows no bounds and is a strong motivator.  A true aesthetic patient will do whatever is necessary to look and feel better.  For now, they may pull back on [...]

Get People To View Your Website (Part 6 of 6)

You website is more than just an information page.  The more detail you can provide the better, and this section talks about the importance of using email marketing. It includes how to collect emails painlessly, and incorporate your website into events, newsletters, and other marketing [...]

Financing Cosmetic Surgery-Pros and Cons

I have watched so much money walk out the door because the physician will not offer affordable patient financing because “it’s too expensive”.  I’m flabbergasted because what’s so much more expensive is to tell that patient to go save up for what they want and [...]