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Is the Economy Improving?

In Bob Brinker’s MarketTimer newsletter for May, he talks about the state of the economy. This month indicates continued economic expansion even with a weak housing market and high energy prices.  The jobless rate declined in 34 states but the unemployment rate remains high at [...]

How the Aesthetic Physician Can Thrive in the New Economy

The Old Economy is gone; never to return.  Aesthetic patients no longer spend like drunken sailors.  A majority of them have pulled back on aesthetic enhancement due to the uncertainty of the bad economy.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have the money anymore.  It [...]

Marketing to Aesthetic Patients in Tough Times

There is still much you can to help keep your own aesthetic profits consistent while our economy corrects itself. For starters, this is not the perfect time to fish for new aesthetic patients. It will take much more time, money and effort to attract total [...]

What Can I Do To Save My Aesthetic Practice?

Here’s a brief dose of brutal reality. It was easy before now and you didn’t have to try very hard to fill up your office with cash-paying patients. Consumers were spending like drunken sailors. Credit was available for everyone for whatever they wanted. TV shows [...]

Where Did the Aesthetic Patients Go?

I’m getting more and more stress calls from aesthetic physicians saying they need help. Their phones have stopped ringing, the reception area is a ghost town and their staff is way too busy doing nothing. Help! Ok, let’s regroup. First, we need to check your [...]

Aesthetic Marketing Strategies for Tough Times

Now more than ever, your patients need compelling reasons to part with their hard-earned money. The media is scaring them and they are not sure they will have jobs so they are pulling back on their disposable purchases. Have you noticed a dip in your [...]