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Plastic Surgery Practice Gaps

Every plastic surgery practice has invisible gaps where money is seeping through the cracks. It’s just a matter of how many and how big the cracks are that are costing you dearly. These plastic surgery practice gaps are dangerous because they are invisible. You cannot [...]

Grow Cosmetic Surgery Practice 5 Ways

A popular saying in business is, “The Money is in the Metrics” and it’s as true for the cosmetic surgery practice as it is for the Fortune 500 Company. Here’s what I mean. You most likely ask yourself often what is the best way to [...]

Plastic Surgeon Frustrations

I was a co-moderator at the Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami where the topic centered around plastic surgeon frustrations. We had a lively discussion with the panelists Donn Chatham, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, KY), Ryan Greene, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, FL) and Mathew Knight, MD [...]

Plastic Surgery Emails Get Spammed

Plastic Surgery emails are spammed and the plastic surgery practice doesn't know it. They are regularly sending emails with special announcements, promotions and invites. So they think they are staying in touch with their plastic surgery patients. But what they don't know is up to [...]

Cosmetic Patient No-Shows Are a Problem

It can be frustrating to watch your staff stand around waiting for cosmetic patient no-shows and you are also left in a “holding pattern” which isn’t good for your mood or your pocketbook. There are lots of reasons why cosmetic patient no-shows are happening in your practice: We live [...]

Do You Have a Cosmetic Patient Deterrent Department?

Some plastic surgery practices have staff that act like a cosmetic patient deterrent department. It’s difficult to believe but your staff’s demeanor is getting almost as important as your surgical skills. Crazy! The social media world has changed everything. Patients now feel the need to [...]

3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results

Ask Catherine This Week’s Topic: 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results Your cosmetic patients are getting dozens, if not hundreds, of other emails every day. They are constantly being asked to start a free trial, buy something or follow someone on Facebook. There’s an overwhelming [...]

How Can We Convert More Surgical Consultations?

  Ask Catherine This Week’s Question: How Can We Convert More Surgical Consultations? Dear Catherine, I have been in practice for more than 20 years and have watched it get more difficult and expensive to attract new cosmetic patients. As a matter of fact, I’ve [...]

5 Frustrations You’re Most Likely Facing too…

Ask Catherine This Week’s Question: 5 Frustrations You’re Most Likely Facing too… Dear Catherine, When I first got into practice, I was one of only 3 plastic surgeons in my area. I was busy and all was well. Now, years later, the competition has grown [...]

Your Patients Are in Control of Your Success?

Join me for a free Webinar to discover how to set up  a proven cosmetic patient marketing plan.  This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention. Ask Catherine [...]