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Safe is the New Risk

Playing it safe is a dying strategy.  Nothing is safe anymore. Change is the new constant. The world has turned upside down and you can’t hide and you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and expect a decent outcome. The challenge is to [...]

Office Manager’s Comments about the Receptionist

My last Webinar entitled, “Initial Consult to Close” talked about how important the first call into your aesthetic practice is and here are follow-up comments I received from an astute office manager at a busy practice: “I really just wish we could lock doctors down [...]

Razor’s Edge = Profits

I think there was a book or a movie called Razor’s Edge. That means just being a little bit better, as little as a razor’s edge, can make all the difference in the world. How does this apply to your aesthetic practice?  Being just a [...]

Answer the Phone!

I gave a talk at the AAFPRS Fall Meeting at Moscone Center in San Francisco this past weekend to the assistants, office managers and patient coordinators.  The talk was entitled, "Mystery Call Critiques:  What You Need to Hear." Since we offer mystery shopping to our [...]

Consistency Breeds Trust

Nothing is more important to your success than your patients and prospective patients trusting you. Trust is born from consistency and it's a disconnect when a patient asks you and your staff questions and get conflicting answers.  It's your responsibility to ensure each staff person [...]

Is the Economy Improving?

In Bob Brinker’s MarketTimer newsletter for May, he talks about the state of the economy. This month indicates continued economic expansion even with a weak housing market and high energy prices.  The jobless rate declined in 34 states but the unemployment rate remains high at [...]

Back to the Fundamentals

The most successful multi-million dollar aesthetic practices become just that by focusing on and getting very good at the following fundamentals: Attracting high-value cosmetic patients Qualifying them to ensure they are a good fit Converting them when they call and when they come in for [...]

ASAPS Annual Meeting in Boston

I sat in on a packed room for Hot Topics and I learned a few things of interest: From 2009-2010, there was a 9% increase in cosmetic surgical procedures with over 1.6 million procedures performed. The discussion between stem cells/fat cells better than just fat [...]

Good News/Bad News About Aesthetic Internet Marketing

First the Good News:  Roughly 3/4ths of wealthy Americans use search engines when shopping for luxury goods and services (so I’m not talking specifically to searching for aesthetic enhancement but the point still applies).  Google dominated the searches with 77%. Now for the bad news:  [...]