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Free Videos

Hello, it’s Catherine.  The two frustrations I hear the most from my physicians are,"I Need More Patients" and   "Help My Staff Convert" So, here are two Webinars that give you simple, step-by-step processes to make both of the above happen: Patients to Profits:  10 Success [...]

Are You Catering to Silly Sally or Serious Sara?

Silly Sally is that ridiculous Groupon aesthetic patient who wants the world for nothing. She responds to price only and then complains when she doesn’t get the service and results she is demanding. And, since she came for price, she leaves you for price. Serious [...]

Is Botox a Commodity?

In my recent travels to AZ, I ran across this sign for Walk-In Botox at a medi-spa right off the main street. This is what you’re competing with nowadays. On the one hand, this seems tacky, doesn’t it? On the other hand, from the patient [...]

Reinvent Yourself

You’re NEVER too old to evolve. While it takes courage, time, commitment and new thinking, it’s vital if you want to stay relevant to your preferred aesthetic patients. If you don’t want to be seen as “Old School” stop doing things like boring name-recognition ads, [...]

Google Online Patient Reviews

As a plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician, why do you care about Google Reviews?  Here are several reasons: -          Because 70% of new patients are trusting online reviews they read just behind a family/friend referral (Source:  Nielsen Company and ComSource). -          Because reviews often get ranked above organic listings [...]

Safe is the New Risk

Playing it safe is a dying strategy.  Nothing is safe anymore. Change is the new constant. The world has turned upside down and you can’t hide and you can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and expect a decent outcome. The challenge is to [...]

The Friendly Skies are Mean

My staff and I were coming back from a software conference held in Phoenix and we got a great education on how NOT TO handle customer service. We were already off to a bad start when we couldn’t get a simple direct flight from Phoenix [...]

Social Media for the Health Care Professional

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging - these are the new media channels you'll want to embrace in order to attract new patients and stay connected to current patients. To help simplify this new frontier, I wrote an e-book with two physicians and we show you step-by-step how to set [...]

Office Manager’s Comments about the Receptionist

My last Webinar entitled, “Initial Consult to Close” talked about how important the first call into your aesthetic practice is and here are follow-up comments I received from an astute office manager at a busy practice: “I really just wish we could lock doctors down [...]