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Let’s Make a Deal

Do you ever feel like you’re playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with aesthetic patients? Thanks to popular coupon discount sites, today’s aesthetic patients are quickly becoming price shoppers.  They've come to expect getting a deal just to get to know you.  That trend is here [...]

Patient Retention is the New Acquisition

The "churn and burn" practice business model is outdated, dangerous to your profits and getting evermore expensive to bankroll.  A constant stream of strangers running through your practice – tying up your staff, draining your marketing budget and stealing your valuable time is not how [...]

New Success Strategy #3: Attract New Patients

I’m sure you are feeling the urge to cut down on your marketing and advertising efforts and lay low while things are gloomy. ……Please resist that urge! It’s actually time for you to step up your promotional efforts to avoid dips and inconsistencies in your [...]