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High-Ticket Patients Exercise

  Plastic Surgeon Marketing Exercise for High-Ticket patients ——– For a free download of Catherine’s book, Visit or call Catherine at (877) 339-8833.  Her firm specializes in creative patient attraction – conversion – retention strategies to drive aesthetic profits.  

How Do You Follow Up After the Patient Consultation?

You may be under the belief that once a prospective patient leaves your office without booking the procedure you and your office just spent an hour talking about, all is lost.  You may be assuming they weren’t interested or they got sticker shock or they [...]

The Power of Cosmetic Surgery Patient Newsletters

Sending newsletters to your existing cosmetic surgery patients is a fabulous way to get them to think of you first when they're ready for cosmetic enhancement.  But only if you do it right. How do you ensure that your newsletter will make them act? How [...]

New Success Strategy #5: Reclaim Your Lost Patients

Want to know why your patients disappear?  You thought you had a good relationship and now you realize you haven’t seen them in over a year – What happened? The #1 reason patients leave your practice is not because of a bad result. …….It’s because [...]

New Success Strategy #1: Target the Right Patients

A true aesthetic patient will do whatever is necessary to look and feel better.  For now, they may pull back on the more extreme and expensive procedures; however, they will do something to regain what they believe they have lost to look as good as [...]