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Golden Handcuffs for Your Best Patients

2012 is going to be a challenging year for aesthetics thanks to lingering recession, Groupons, heavy competition, less Internet traffic due to the sheer number of competitors and fickle aesthetic patients who show little to no loyalty. It is VITAL you corral your best aesthetic [...]

You’ll “Thank Me” for This…Eventually

It’s the Season of Thanks so I’m going to give you some harsh reality you’ll thank me for if you’re serious about growing your aesthetic practice profits more than your ego. If you are serious about paying your overhead, supporting your current lifestyle AND generating [...]

Your Loyal Fans

I’m sure you’ve heard that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your patients.  It’s called the Pareto Principle and it works just as well today as it did decades ago.  You want to learn who your top 20% of preferred patients are because [...]

Are Fickle Aesthetic Patients Driving You Crazy?

No shows? Looky-Loos? Price Shoppers?  What’s happened to aesthetic patients? Boy, have times changed. Aesthetic patients today are looking around, shopping around, hanging around and not saying YES like they used to. Why? A big reason is because the supply and demand has changed dramatically.  [...]

YELP Is Killing Me!

In case you’ve just returned from a desert island, I’d like to introduce you to Yelp.  In a nutshell, Yelp lets your patients rate and comment on the experience they had with you – good or bad.  That, my friend, is the new reality. Your [...]

Retention is the NEW Patient Acquisition

Odds are you lost patients this past year.  And, odds are, you can’t say for sure how many you lost, who you lost, why you lost them (it’s not all about the economy) or where they went and are now. If you do nothing different, [...]

“Not Now” or “Not Yet”

Your aesthetic patient is often an inconsistent decision-maker because they base their decision on emotions that are subject to change.  You may or may not know what triggered a patient's "no"; they might have gotten sticker shock, perhaps they had no idea the downtime involved, [...]

Do You Want Fries With That?

Catherine shares a simple, proven method to increase your revenues per patient without 'selling' or making them uncomfortable.  See how you can learn from corporate giants to give your patients what they want while you increase revenues. —— —— Get Your FREE Marketing Checklist on [...]

Get People To View Your Website (Part 3 of 6)

There are other sites online that can give you access to potential patients.  Catherine covers how to decide on which doctor directories to use, and how to incorporate sites like YouTube, Yelp, and other media sites to work in your advantage.  She covers how to [...]