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Price Plaques

I visited a world-renowned plastic surgeon that didn’t play the price game with his aesthetic patients. He caters to the affluent patient who cares more about his skills and expertise than getting a great deal. He displays these plaques so visiting patients see them as [...]

Are You Catering to Silly Sally or Serious Sara?

Silly Sally is that ridiculous Groupon aesthetic patient who wants the world for nothing. She responds to price only and then complains when she doesn’t get the service and results she is demanding. And, since she came for price, she leaves you for price. Serious [...]

Golden Handcuffs for Your Best Patients

2012 is going to be a challenging year for aesthetics thanks to lingering recession, Groupons, heavy competition, less Internet traffic due to the sheer number of competitors and fickle aesthetic patients who show little to no loyalty. It is VITAL you corral your best aesthetic [...]

Why the Aesthetic Patient is REALLY in Your Office

­You want to do everything you can to learn why the new patient is there to see you because here’s a hint: There’s a chance there’s more to their answer then originally stated. If you and your staff bond with the new patient and let [...]

Lay-a-Way Program Helps Conversions

This weekend, I attended a conference where a very smart (and rich) guy was talking about the economic indicators for the next 4 years.  Without going into the depressing and scary statistics about unemployment, the prolonged housing crisis, and government unrest, it looks like we are [...]

Guarantee Surgery – Wha-Wha-WHAT???

There’s a pretty good chance you don’t guarantee your surgeries so please hear me out. Consumers in general are skeptical.  Patients are even more so since they want to know they’ll get a good result and they won’t have buyer’s remorse. They don’t know whom to [...]

Where Are Your New Patients Coming From?

Here's a 1-minute video with an exercise to determine where your big-ticket procedures are coming from. Hint:  The answer is in the data so watch this, do the quick exercise and let me know what you find out: —- For a free download of Catherine’s book, Visit or call [...]

Cosmetic Surgery Demand is Booming

I recently read that 1 out of 5 Baby Boomers polled said they have or would consider having cosmetic surgery.  So I did some math:  20% of 76,000,000 Baby Boomers = 19,000,000 people (of which I am one) who are open to cosmetic surgery. That’s [...]

The Human Side of Plastic Surgery Patients

When a prospective surgical patient takes the time to: Stop what they’re doing, Pick up the phone & make an appointment, Block time out of their busy schedule, Hassle with traffic, Fight apprehension of meeting you for the first time, and struggle with the discomfort [...]

Feel-Good Marketing Works

Almost every plastic surgery website I visit talks about how caring and compassionate the doctor is and how their main concern is for the patient. Yet, patients tell me about how they were treated curtly, the doctor didn’t listen to them, they felt rushed, their [...]