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This week’s Topic: Only 79 Days Left to Reach Your 2015 Revenue Goals

Dear Catherine,Increase 2015 Revenue Goals

This past weekend, I reviewed my practice numbers and compared them to last year’s revenues.

The good news is that I did better the first two quarters of 2015 than I did last year; however, the 3rd quarter fell short and now I’m behind.

While 4th quarter revenues have always been good in the past, I’m not as certain they will be again given the increased competition in my area.

I don’t want to be blindsided with any surprises so what can I do to ensure I reach my 2015 revenue goals?

Dr. L

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. L,

Thanks for a great question. The end of the year can sneak up fast and leave you scrambling to bring in the revenues you EXPECTED.

You look at your numbers for the year and may be saying to yourself, “Why would this year’s results be so much less than last year’s when I’m spending the same or even more than I did before?”

Maybe you bought new equipment and it’s not paying for itself like it was supposed to. Maybe you’re spending more to get new patients.

It only takes one bad quarter to get behind. The summer months can be tough and leave you with more overhead than revenues.

However, one great quarter can catch you up and get you on the fast track to crush 2015.

So, here are 3 things you can do NOW to ensure a great 2015:

Where You’re Spending

Look at how and what you’re spending now to attract cosmetic patients to your practice. Is it working? Is it actually bringing in new patients who say YES to you or is it simply bringing in mildly-interested prospective patients who are shopping around? If your investment is not breaking even, stop spending money there.

Where Your Successes Are

Go back through your schedule and note where your new patients and/or procedures are coming from. Are they stranger patients from the Internet? Are they current patients coming back for more? Or, are they word-of-mouth referred patients?

Because here’s the truth when it comes to cosmetic patient attraction:

Patients who love you.The fastest and easiest way to bump up your cosmetic revenues for the year is to reach out to your existing cosmetic patients.

They already proved they like your services. That’s why they gave you money!

They also already know, like and trust you and they are much more likely to respond to your promotional messages than complete strangers are, isn’t that right?

However, you must approach them strategically or your efforts will fall flat.

Here’s one tip:

STOP sending the wrong message to the wrong patients! You quickly become “a pest vs. a guest” when you communicate the wrong message to the wrong patients at the wrong time.

To see examples of what works and what doesn’t, attend my next FREE training called, “How to Reach Your 2015 Revenue Goals Effortlessly” on Thursday, October 22.

At this training, you’ll discover:

  • What aesthetic patients are responding to NOW;
  • What’s NOT working that’s giving you false hope but will blindside you at the end of the year when you DON’T bring in the revenues you expected;
  • The easiest way to boost your revenues NOW without adding new staff or taking up your own time

I will lay out the strategies, along with samples and results so you KNOW what to do to turn 2015 into a blockbuster year!

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Are YOU on target to reach your 2015 revenue goals?
If so, what did you do to make that happen?
If not, what is holding you back?



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