New Year. New Plan. New Patients for 2018

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New Year. New Plan. New Patients for 2018


Your training includes a DVD Replay, Power Point Slides, Patient Attraction & Conversion Blueprint, and a Strategy Call with Catherine. $15 Domestic Shipping Fee (INTL orders receive digital version)


You can no longer “wing it” when it comes to attracting new cosmetic patients to your practice.

It’s too competitive. It’s too expensive. It’s too time-consuming.

Watch as I lay out what is working against you in today’s crazy competitive world…and what you can do to win anyway.

In this training, you will discover:

  • Generate more consistent revenues you can count on month after month;
  • Differentiate YOU as the BEST CHOICE;
  • Increase the lifetime value of your patients;
  • Generate more referrals using the organic approach;
  • Make it a system you can measure and count on.



New Cosmetic

Patients for 2018

Discover what it takes to have your best year ever!