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I visited a world-renowned plastic surgeon that didn’t play the price game with his aesthetic patients. He caters to the affluent patient who cares more about his skills and expertise than getting a great deal.

He displays these plaques so visiting patients see them as they walk in. They help set the tone for pricing.

One says:

It is unwise to pay too much,

But it is worse to pay too little

When you pay too much,

You lose money – that is all

When you pay too little

You sometimes lose everything

Because the thing you bought

Was incapable of doing the thing

It was bought to do

The common law of business balance

Prohibits paying a little and

Getting a lot – it cannot be done

If you deal with the lowest bidder,

It is well to add something

For the risk you run,

And if you do that

You will have enough to pay

For something better

– John Ruskin



The other plaque says:

There is hardly anything in the world

That some man can’t make a little

Worse and well a little cheaper,

And the people who consider price

Only are this man’s lawful prey

– John Ruskin


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