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Plastic surgery patients can be unpredictable but your revenues don’t have to be! These articles focus on the best ways to attract new patients, how to keep current patients coming back for more procedures, and how patient referrals keep your practice thriving. Learn the easiest ways to get new patients in the door, how to get them to say yes to booking that surgical procedure, and the best ways your staff can follow up to make sure they (and their friends and family) come back again and again. In this section of my blog, you will discover what your patients really want from a consultation, how to address their concerns before they come up, and how to develop a great rapport so that they choose you! I take the guesswork out of the equation and give you proven strategies, plans, and templates to make sure you become the number one choice for patients.

2019 Cosmetic Surgery Practice Assessment

It's so easy to get distracted by the "busy-ness" of running your cosmetic surgery practice day to day that you  lose sight of the key elements that actually make your practice profitable...until it's too late. When it gets down to it, you're either focused on [...]

Why You Are NOT Converting Your Internet Leads

I don’t need to tell you how challenging it’s gotten for you as a plastic surgeon to convert Internet Leads to paid procedures.   As a plastic surgeon you thrive on the revenues from paid procedures coming in consistently so the bills are paid and [...]

3 Strategies to Convert More Surgical Consults

8 out of 10 offices have poorly-trained staff that cost them a fortune every year in missed revenues. The number #1 complaint I get from surgeons is they have great staff but they can’t convert the patient to surgery. So they watch prospective patients walk [...]

Plastic Surgery Smart Marketing   As a plastic surgeon, you thrive on attracting new patients to your practice because you need a steady stream of cash-paying patients to pay the bills and keep you afloat. But here’s what happens….in order to make that happen, you put faith [...]

Fastest Path to Cosmetic Patients and Profits

You are going to discover who is most likely to become your “preferred” patients and where they can be found, where the fastest cash surges are and how you get new cash-paying patients quickly and without breaking the bank. But first, a mind shift is [...]

The Quickest Path to More Patients

“So, how did you hear about Dr. Smith?” That is the most important question you should be asking every single patient walking through your door. If you’ve got your systems set up correctly, at least 6 out of 10 of these new patients should answer [...]

The Consultation from the Patient’s Point of View

Introduction/Survey You and your staff spend up to an hour with a prospective patient talking with them and showing them your social proof. You explain the procedure and then go over the quote and then what happens? The majority of the time you get the [...]