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These plastic surgery marketing articles describe how to set up and implement marketing plans and strategies to help grow your cosmetic surgery practice. In these articles, you will discover how effective plastic surgery marketing can be when you have the right tools! These articles include: proven marketing strategies, a variety of ways to creatively market your practice, and how to target the right audience so you get the most out of your marketing efforts. I discuss why you need to have a marketing mix, change your strategies based on the season, and how different practices need different marketing strategies…For example, dermatology offices need a different approach than aesthetic surgery practices. These articles provide lots of information and details so you can easily create your own custom marketing plan for your practice. These articles are free of charge, so take advantage!  I am always adding new content, and look forward to your feedback!

My Trip to Saudi Arabia to Speak at Aesthetic Conference…

I just returned from speaking in Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah Injection Boot Camp. Check out the photos on Instagram and Facebook. They welcomed me with 5-star accommodations (business class, limos and the Ritz) and treated me like royalty. A couple of interesting facts include: Jeddah is where [...]

Avoiding Seasonal Highs and Lows

Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting more difficult, and a lot more expensive, to CONSISTENTLY attract new cosmetic patients to your practice? That’s because it IS getting more difficult to attract a steady flow of patients month after month. Cosmetic revenues can be sporadic at best for [...]

Creative Ways to Cross Sell Your Cosmetic Services

The easiest decision for your cosmetic patients to make is the one made AFTER their initial decision to choose you for aesthetic rejuvenation. In other words, if they have already said yes to you, they are much more likely to continue to say yes if [...]

Grow Cosmetic Surgery Practice 5 Ways

A popular saying in business is, “The Money is in the Metrics” and it’s as true for the cosmetic surgery practice as it is for the Fortune 500 Company. Here’s what I mean. You most likely ask yourself often what is the best way to [...]