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I have been a United Airlines 1K Premier Member for years since I travel a considerable amount.

The perks of “Premier” are great. You get on the plane first so there’s room for your bag AND your legs, a hotline phone number for quick service when flights are canceled and friendly flight attendants.

But, how can you justify paying $2,400 for First Class when you are used to paying only $450 in Coach?

That’s sounds expensive UNTIL you consider the alternative…..Lousy service equals unhappy customers

The alternative is you sit in a crowded space with no room for your legs, let alone your laptop so you can’t work, being interrupted by people getting up and down in their seats and the feeling of being “herded”. It’s just not fun.

On the other hand, for the additional expense, you get plenty of room to work, great food, and a much better customer service experience so you land at your destination happy and satisfied.

So if you consider how much more you can get done and how much better you will feel with a Premium experience than a cheap experience, you see the value in the investment, isn’t that right?

I see this in cosmetic surgery cash paying practices all the time….

Surgeons spend a fortune in some areas of their cosmetic practice but not enough in others. 

For instance, plastic surgeons will spend a fortune on a new Website, a PR agency or expensive print ads to make them famous and get the phone to ring…..

…yet, NOT invest in their own staff to train them to represent them professionally.

Because even if the new Website gets traffic, and the PR agency gets them a spot on TV, and prospective plastic surgery patients reach out to them but then encounter unprofessional, untrained staff, was that a good investment? Nope.

Are Your Patient Expectations a Hit or Miss? The prospective patients who saw the plastic surgeon as THE BEST CHOICE now feels a disconnect from the image they saw in the media or on the Internet and the “less than stellar” image they are getting now that they are interacting with their staff.

The point is you don’t want to invest in one area of your plastic surgery practice growth while not investing in the other piece that actually turns your efforts into cash.

Because if you want better results, you have to consider the WHOLE picture.

There are so many untapped opportunities for your staff to not only represent you more professionally, but also to book more callers to appointments, convert more appointments to profitable cosmetic surgery procedures and cross promote your other services.

There is no free pass.

If you want prospective cosmetic patients to invest in you, you have to invest in your staff to live up to it.

NOTE:   I am working on a new Online Learning Center to train your staff to represent you and increase the value of your new patient marketing efforts. It’s almost ready so watch for an announcement coming soon…


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