Plastic Surgery Emails Get Spammed

Plastic Surgery emails get spammed and the plastic surgery practice isn’t aware of it. They most likely think they are staying in touch with plastic surgery patients because they regularly send emails with special announcements, promotions and invites.Plastic Surgery Emails Spammed

But what they may not know is up to 80% of their emails are not even getting into the patient’s inbox! They are going straight to the Spam folder.

Why is that happening? Because the email providers, like google, are adding more spam filters than ever to protect their customers from unwanted email so your email could be getting mixed in with the real Spam.

Plastic Surgery Emails Get Spammed

Here are some of the biggest reasons plastic surgery emails get spammed and are NOT getting to your cosmetic patients:

Your cosmetic patients did not “opt-in” to receive your emails.

Just because someone checked a box on your patient intake form does not mean they have given you express permission to email them. So, it’s super helpful if they agree to get email from you by having them opt-in to your Website to receive communications from you. And, to avoid them hitting the Spam button, add an unsubscribe message at the top of the email so they can easily unsubscribe.

Your “From” information is confusing

Be sure your patients recognize the name you use in the “from” section. Many practices have a “MedSpa Name” or “Practice Name” different from the surgeon’s name so use the name most likely to be recognized by your patients or they will hit the spam button.

You have Low Mailbox Usage

Mailbox providers look at the ratio of active to inactive email accounts on your list so you want to “clean” your email list periodically of any subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in the last 6 months. You don’t want to delete them but you do want to put them in a new list and mail a special message to them to re-engage them. You need them to opted back in and NOT hit the Spam button!

You Use Spam Trigger Words

There are many of them but here are the popular ones used for our industry: amazing, click here, congratulations, for only ($), great offer, order now, special promotion, winner. For more trigger words, use this free tool at to score your emails and lose the trigger words.

You have too many spam complaints

 Maybe your cosmetic patients from long ago don’t remember you. Or maybe you were ignoring them for years and now you are emailing them out of the blue and they are not appreciating it. Your best defense is to let them easily unsubscribe so they can opt out without hitting the spam button. Do NOT make them re-enter their email address or answer questions as to why they are opting out. Just let them unsubscribe.

These details matter a lot if you are using email marketing to stay in touch with your current patients so they return and refer.

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Do your plastic surgery emails get spammed?
What do you do to correct that?