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My stove was acting up and I received a postcard from an appliance store in my area so it was the perfect time for me to look into replacing it.  However, what should have taken me about 1 hour to do has drawn out to a 2-month project.

I first went to the website on the postcard and had trouble navigating so I called the 800# they listed and I had to call twice because I was told to leave a message and nobody called me back. When I did get through, I was transferred but the call got dropped.  So I decided to visit instead. I drove over on a Sunday because I’m super busy during the week and Sunday was the only day I had available and, sure enough, they’re closed on Sunday!


I’ve never tried so hard to give a company money and I hope you’re easier to do business with than they’ve been. One of the most vital things you can do for your business and for prospective patients is to answer the phone when it rings, that is, be available to help when they reach out.


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