New Year. New Plan. New Patients for 2016.

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Ask CatherineNew Year. New Plan. New Patients for 2016.

This Week’s Q&A Topic:  New Year. New Plan. New Patients for 2016.

This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

I heard that you should plan your marketing for the whole year in advance. However, this seems like a lot of work and very inflexible.

Do you recommend doing it?

Dr. B

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. B,

I wholeheartedly recommend you plan out your marketing calendar for the entire year of 2016 and do it NOW before you get busy and the year gets away from you.

It will save you from the “revenues roller coaster” that happens in our industry when things slow down during certain months (IF you don’t plan for it). And you know how that feels when you have more overhead costs than you do income coming in.

Having a solid plan in place that’s humming along throughout the year that you don’t have to worry about is golden. Because then you know you’re bringing in revenues. That gives you the mental freedom from constantly worrying about your practice’s financial stability.

And, a well-thought out marketing plan for 2016 gives you lots of advantages:

1)       It gives you clarity on exactly what needs to be done and when

2)       It ensures a good mix of offerings for surgeries, laser, and injectables

3)       It makes you look more professional

4)       And, more importantly, you will run circles around your competitors since they are NOT doing this

The good news is once it’s done….it’s done!
You don’t have to constantly think about it anymore. What a relief!

Although it is a lot of work and can be a hassle, I have a shortcut…

I can help you make this process much easier. Saving you and your staff lots of hours in guessing at what to do and how to do it.

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