Marketing Strategies for Plastic Surgeons

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Converting Plastic Surgery Consultations

Ask Catherine, This Week’s Q&A Topic: Converting Plastic Surgery Consultations         This Week’s Question: Dear Catherine, Converting plastic surgery consultations is getting harder. We will have a full day of consultations, back-to-back, and NOT book surgeries or other big-ticket procedures. I’m spending up [...]

How to Get a Handle on Social Media

Ask Catherine: Dear Catherine, A majority of my staff are under 30 and they were constantly on their cell phones and work computers “connecting” on social media and it was driving me nuts. It was distracting them from focusing on the practice and the patients [...]

3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results

Ask Catherine This Week’s Topic: 3 Tips to Dramatically Better Email Results Your cosmetic patients are getting dozens, if not hundreds, of other emails every day. They are constantly being asked to start a free trial, buy something or follow someone on Facebook. There’s an overwhelming [...]

How To Use Social Media to Attract New Cosmetic Patients

  Ask Catherine This Week’s Question: How To Use Social Media to Attract New Cosmetic Patients Dear Catherine, I recently hired a new receptionist and she tells me social media attracts new cosmetic patients. I have no idea if that’s true or not. I personally don’t [...]

Introduce a New Cosmetic Procedure

This training has passed. Please check out our on demand training modules for Patient Attraction and Staff Training. Register Now >> Ask Catherine Question: Introduce a New Cosmetic Procedure New Cosmetic Procedures  Dear Catherine,  I want to add a new cosmetic procedure to my practice.  [...]

Marketing Plastic Surgery Procedures

Marketing Plastic Surgery More Cosmetic Patients Aesthetic medicine is a lucrative business that’s created a fiercely competitive industry. Plastic surgeons, as well as other specialties and corporations, want to capitalize on the growing demand for cosmetic surgery. This means plastic surgery patients have [...]