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Do you know what makes a successful plastic surgery practice? Check out my Information for Plastic Surgeons section of my blog to discover important information that every plastic surgery practice owner should know to keep his or her business running smoothly and profitably. In these articles, you will learn the most efficient ways to run your practice, more strategies for getting the most out of your marketing budget, and plans to help you target the right audience by geographic area. You’ll also learn the best pricing strategies for your type of practice, the importance of branding your practice, as well as marketing essentials that no plastic surgeon should forget. Discover how you can create the best plan for your practice that keeps revenues coming in year round, not just during the “busy seasons.” These articles ensure you have all the tools you need to run and grow your practice, and offer many resources to bring in a steady stream of patients and revenues!

Hiring a Patient Care Coordinator

Hiring the right patient care coordinator can be a game changer in a plastic surgery practice. They can turn things around in a month when you find a coordinator with the skills, expertise and drive needed to convert consultations. This position cannot be taken lightly. You may think [...]

Avoiding Seasonal Highs and Lows

Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting more difficult, and a lot more expensive, to CONSISTENTLY attract new cosmetic patients to your practice? That’s because it IS getting more difficult to attract a steady flow of patients month after month. Cosmetic revenues can be sporadic at best for [...]

Plastic Surgeon Frustrations

I was a co-moderator at the Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami where the topic centered around plastic surgeon frustrations. We had a lively discussion with the panelists Donn Chatham, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, KY), Ryan Greene, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, FL) and Mathew Knight, MD [...]

Cosmetic Patient No-Shows Are a Problem

It can be frustrating to watch your staff stand around waiting for cosmetic patient no-shows and you are also left in a “holding pattern” which isn’t good for your mood or your pocketbook. There are lots of reasons why cosmetic patient no-shows are happening in your practice: We live [...]

Plastic Surgery Cash Surge Strategy

Looking for a plastic surgery cash surge strategy that makes you money? Here it is... When cosmetic patients are in your office, they should stay focused on one thing – YOU and YOUR SERVICES. Get rid of the People magazines, turn off the TV and [...]

3 Roads to Riches

Ask Catherine This Week: 3 Roads to Riches The Spring issue of Aesthetic Society News (ASN) just came out and it includes my article called, “3 Roads to Riches”. It talks about focusing on a few key essentials. These practice-building key components are NOT optional if you want to [...]

Does Discounting Hurt My Image?

Join me for a free Webinar to discover how to set up  a proven cosmetic patient marketing plan.  This Webinar is no longer available, please check out our online store for tools to  help you with patient attraction, conversion, follow up and retention. Ask Catherine [...]