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Google Online Patient Reviews

As a plastic surgeon or cosmetic physician, why do you care about Google Reviews?  Here are several reasons:

–          Because 70% of new patients are trusting online reviews they read just behind a family/friend referral (Source:  Nielsen Company and ComSource).

–          Because reviews often get ranked above organic listings (especially with the public’s insatiable appetite for aesthetic rejuvenation)

–          Because you’ll have a better chance of “googlers” searching and clicking on your listing with the 5-Stars lit up

–          Because it helps your other SEO efforts

Suffice it to say, this is an area to spend time, money and energy to set up a strategic process to get more Google patient online reviews but how?  Here are simple strategies to get you started:

Sign Up for Google Places

It’s free, it’s easy and you need to do it immediately if you haven’t already. Just be sure the address and local telephone number you add to your Google Places listing matches the address and telephone numbers on your Website EXACTLY.

Add Location Based Keywords

Be descriptive about your services and location that match the same keywords you use in your websites. For example, use “liposuction” and “Atlanta” throughout your listing since they will show up in bold letters if, indeed, that’s what the “googler” typed in as their key words.

Add Photos/Videos to Your Listing

Since Google uses Universal Search to include images, videos and place listings, take advantage of that and include personality pieces showing off you, you with patients, you with staff, your office, etc. And be sure to add keyword rich “alt text” to your photos to identify them.

Ask Your Patients to Write Reviews

Now what?  You ASK your patients to write reviews but you do it professionally and strategically.  First, you give them awesome customer service so they are ecstatic and want to do it. Then you ask them if they have a great visit with you. Now you ask them to do you a favor a write a review.  And you give them simple instructions you’re prepared for them to follow to make it fast and easy for them to say wonderful things about you.

To get a Copy of 7 Simple Steps to Creating a Google Review Handout to Create Raving Patient Reviews Online, go to to watch the entire Webinar. The Handout is free when you join us. Or call (877) 339-8833.