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This Week’s Q&A Topic: Converting Consults to YES
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This Week’s Question:

Dear Catherine,

We are having a harder time converting cosmetic patient consultations.

We will have a full day of consultations, back-to-back, and NOT book surgeries or other big-ticket procedures.

I’m spending up to an hour with the prospective patient and then my coordinator spends time with them and they still don’t book.

That equals a waste of time, money and energy – not to mention the low moral since my staff feels my disappointment.

I have a great reputation, nice office and friendly staff so what’s the problem?

My consult conversion rate used to be in the high 70’s for years and now it’s fallen to 25-40%.

Is it me? Is it my coordinator? Is it the patient?

What can I do to convert more of these surgical consultations?

Dr. P

Catherine’s Answer:

Dear Dr. P,

Thanks for a great question that many plastic surgeons are asking themselves.

Lower consultation conversion rates are affecting more and more cosmetic practices for all sorts of reasons.

Stiff competition, advancements in non-surgical technology and fickle consumer patients are three big reasons you are struggling.

That’s what is leading to a waste of your valuable time and holes in your surgery schedule. Not to mention the anxiety you and your staff feel when your efforts go to waste.

So, what can you do to keep your conversion rates high?

Here are (3) pointers to help you convert more consultations:

#1) Track the “Quality” of the Lead

Not all leads are created equal. The quality of a lead coming in from patient reviews vs. google adwords, for example, can make the difference between a 25% to 75% conversion rate.

That means spend more on the channel that is bringing you the BETTER quality leads so you don’t have to work so hard to get to a YES.

Position YOU as the Best Choice#2) Position YOU as the “Best Choice” with Social Proof

One of the biggest fears of the plastic surgery patient is feeling regret if they DON’T get the result they expected.
That’s where social proof comes in. If the prospective patient can see results OTHERS have gotten, they are more inclined to see you as the expert and the best choice for them.

Use before/after photos, patient testimonials, patient videos telling their story and anything else you have to show off your excellent work.

#3) Get the Best Patient Coordinator for the Job

Your patient coordinator can be a game-changer for your bottom line so choose carefully.

Just be sure you have the right patient coordinator representing you who looks, acts and feels the part.

For example, your coordinator must have a process set up to bond with and qualify the prospective patient by asking powerful questions. Because they need to discover what the patient REALLY wants, why they want it and what it will take for them to say YES.

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Your patient coordinator also needs the confidence and skill to ASK FOR A DECISION.

This one skill makes the difference between 25% conversions and 75% conversions.

But like anything else in life, it’s a learned skill. It takes proven strategies and practice.

For example, a trained and skilled patient coordinator is never pushy or aggressive. They have the words and scripts and processes they follow to professionally “lead” the patient to a decision that is comfortable for the patient.

For example, a simple closing strategy is the “Choice Close”. That means rather than the patient deciding a YES/NO question, they choose EITHER/OR and YES is assumed. Here’s an example:

“Sara, I see Dr. Smith still has availability on Friday the 10th or would Wednesday the 14th work better for you?”

Now Sara has most likely moved from IF she is going to book to WHEN she is going to book. It’s a small nuance with a big effect. Try it.

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Have your own consultation conversion rates changed throughout the years?
What do you do to improve your conversions?