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Age Chart Educates Patients on Reality

We all wish we could turn back the clock tomorrow with no downtime, bruising and swelling....but then there's reality. So much can be done with injectables and lasers but there is a limit.  To help your patients understand what kind of result they can expect from non-invasive treatments [...]

Before you move on to 2013…

It would be a great idea to analyze your results for 2012 before you jump into the New Year. You might get some eye-opening data. Run the numbers to determine important trends in your practice such as demographics, popular procedures and products and marketing/advertising results. [...]

The Future Trend in Health Care

John Goodman of the Wall Street Journal wrote this article about where we’re heading with ObamaCare that is a must read since it will affect all of us.  Here’s his intro: The demand for health care under ObamaCare will increase dramatically. The supply of physicians won’t. [...]

How to Plan a Successful Open House

VASER invited me to be their guest speaker on their last Webinar entitled, “How to Plan a Successful Open House”.  This is the best way I know of to bond with, educate and create loyalty with your patients in today’s competitive world. I laid out [...]

How to Select a Financing Company

We know that the aesthetic patient will do whatever it takes to get the treatment they want.  If your treatment plan includes financing options, you will help them get the results they are looking for much more quickly. Choosing a financing company for your practice is [...]

Why the Rich Get Richer By Darren Hardy

This is exactly why Dr. Williams and I started a Plastic Surgeon Coaching Club.  Enjoy this blog post by Darren Hardy (Publisher of Success Magazine) Why the Rich Get Richer …and the successful become more and more successful. I have to confess something to you. While [...]

How to Take a Message

I called a prominent surgeon who is well respected by his Peers and speaks all over the world. I’ve seen such good Photos during his presentations, I decided to call him for my own consultation for a surgical procedure. The phone was answered well enough [...]

The Friendly Skies are Mean

My staff and I were coming back from a software conference held in Phoenix and we got a great education on how NOT TO handle customer service. We were already off to a bad start when we couldn’t get a simple direct flight from Phoenix [...]