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69 Days Left to Reach Your 2014 Revenue Goals

Join me for a free Webinar to discover how to set up  a proven cosmetic patient marketing plan. Register Now >> Ask Catherine Today's Topic: 69 Days Left to Reach Your 2014 Revenue Goals Dear Catherine, I was going through my numbers this past weekend and compared them against last year’s. The good news is [...]

Weekly Q&A Topic: September Slump Quick-Fix Patient Strategies

Ask Catherine: [September Slump Quick-Fix Patient Strategies] …is a weekly post where I select and personally respond to one question received from my consults, Webinars, emails or talks that I believe will help the most practices. Please provide your feedback! Ask Catherine This Week’s Question: Dear Catherine, Every year at this time, we slow down. It makes [...]

Practice Success Secret #2 of 4

Lots of wannabe aesthetic physicians who wish they were successful aesthetic surgeons are in a constant search for the hot opportunity. They're searching for the next hot patient opportunity, the killer conversion strategy, or anything else that promises the secret shortcut to eliminating what's currently holding them back. Their thinking being, I'd imagine, that aesthetic surgeons who are [...]

He Was Right!

In his bestselling book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki presented the "Cash Flow Quadrant": Using this quadrant, Mr. Kiyosaki explains clearly why some people make a lot of money AND have time to enjoy their riches, while others are stuck in a rat race. As you can see, "the rich" have either businesses in which PEOPLE [...]