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Weekly Q&A Topic: Discounting Plastic Surgery

Ask Catherine: [Discounting Plastic Surgery] …is a weekly post where I select and personally respond to one question received from my consults, Webinars, emails or talks that I believe will help the most practices. Please provide your feedback! Ask Catherine This Week's Question: Dear Catherine, I have been a plastic surgeon for 16 years. In the past [...]

“Don’t” let the ad sales people make more profit from your practice than you are . . .

Hundreds of doctors like yourself have used my proven marketing strategies to boost their profits and remove the frustration of expensive marketing and advertising that doesn’t work!” Dear Doctor, After talking to literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons like yourself, I learned this . . . Nearly all of them WISH they NEVER had to do ANY marketing, and [...]

Want a High-Converting Website?

Have you ever wondered which Aesthetic Practice Websites convert best, and what they’re doing right? Many people immediately name Amazon as one of the highest converting sites based on the sheer variety alone and the volume of products it ships. That’s true but there selling products and you’re selling services so I took some of [...]

How to Grow a Word-of-Mouth Plastic Surgery Practice

“So, how did you hear about Dr. Smith?” That is the most important question you should be asking every single patient walking through your door. If you’ve got your systems set up correctly, 7 out of 10 of these new patients should answer with one of your current patients’ names. A word of mouth referral [...]