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Heading to Other Side of the World

I'm heading to Geneva, Switzerland to give a talk at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. I'll talk about New Patients and What's Working Now. If you'll be there, come to our panel discussion run by Grant Stevens, MD and Renato Saltz, MD on [...]

Powerful Tool for Patient Communications

There are many reasons your patients don’t do what you ask. Maybe they don’t want to or maybe they can’t remember what you told them to do and they’re too embarrassed to ask. Another reason is they never even heard you in the first place. Somehow, [...]

Price Plaques

I visited a world-renowned plastic surgeon that didn’t play the price game with his aesthetic patients. He caters to the affluent patient who cares more about his skills and expertise than getting a great deal. He displays these plaques so visiting patients see them as [...]

Where are my glasses?

Check out this great idea for a fun way to hang onto your glasses. It’s this huge pearl ring pin that your glasses hook onto to so you always have them when you need them. —– For a Free Marketing Checklist, Visit or call Catherine at (877) [...]

Is Botox a Commodity?

In my recent travels to AZ, I ran across this sign for Walk-In Botox at a medi-spa right off the main street. This is what you’re competing with nowadays. On the one hand, this seems tacky, doesn’t it? On the other hand, from the patient [...]

Reinvent Yourself

You’re NEVER too old to evolve. While it takes courage, time, commitment and new thinking, it’s vital if you want to stay relevant to your preferred aesthetic patients. If you don’t want to be seen as “Old School” stop doing things like boring name-recognition ads, [...]