Is Botox a Commodity?

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In my recent travels to AZ, I ran across this sign for Walk-In Botox at a medi-spa right off the main street.

This is what you’re competing with nowadays. On the one hand, this seems tacky, doesn’t it? On the other hand, from the patient perspective, this is really convenient and easy IF they get a good result.

Botox does have a tendency to fit into the “impulse” category if the Patient has been doing it for awhile and like their results. However, it can be a nightmare if they inject too much or it gives you a droopy eye or it doesn’t take well and you have to go back and do it again (so much for time-savings and convenience).

If you don’t want to play this game, be sure your patients know the pitfalls of “Mall Botox”. They might just get what they pay for and that’s not usually what they wanted.


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