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The Truth About New Cosmetic Patient Leads

There is nothing fast, easy or cheap about new patient lead generation for plastic surgeons today. While you do have many options to get noticed from your Internet efforts, it’s going to cost either time or money….or both. For example, ➢ You redesign your Website (again) so it’s state-of-the-art. That cost you $10K-$50K. ➢ But [...]

Grow Cosmetic Surgery Practice 5 Ways

A popular saying in business is, “The Money is in the Metrics” and it’s as true for the cosmetic surgery practice as it is for the Fortune 500 Company. Here’s what I mean. You most likely ask yourself often what is the best way to grow your cosmetic surgery practice? Is it SEO? PPC? Directories? [...]

Plastic Surgeon Frustrations

I was a co-moderator at the Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami where the topic centered around plastic surgeon frustrations. We had a lively discussion with the panelists Donn Chatham, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, KY), Ryan Greene, MD (Facial Plastic Surgeon, FL) and Mathew Knight, MD (Cosmetic Dermatology, FL). Maybe as a plastic surgeon, you are [...]

Plastic Surgery Emails Get Spammed

Plastic Surgery emails get spammed and the plastic surgery practice isn't aware of it. They most likely think they are staying in touch with plastic surgery patients because they regularly send emails with special announcements, promotions and invites. But what they may not know is up to 80% of their emails are not even getting [...]