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Do You Have a Patient Deterrent Department?

It’s difficult to believe but your staff’s demeanor is getting almost as important as your surgical skills. Crazy! The social media world has changed everything. Patients now feel the need to share their every thought, experience (and meal) with everyone else. This median has also given a voice to disgruntled patients. So rather than complain [...]

7 Costly Mistakes Surgeons Make When Choosing a Marketing Partner

Use this checklist to avoid wasting money on slick internet marketers.  Some are very good and some use their excellent marketing skills and ninja Internet tricks to sell you on their “get rich quick” schemes.  This checklist should help you identify who could best grow your cosmetic practice revenues:               No Experience in the Aesthetic Industry [...]

Cosmetic Patient Summer Marketing Tips

If you believe the world of cosmetic rejuvenation comes to a halt during the dog days of summer – think again. There are plenty of cosmetic patient summer marketing tips to keep your revenues sizzling this summer.  Times have changed. Whatever used to be true about cosmetic patients years ago is different now thanks to [...]

Selling the Invisible:

Dear Catherine, More and more I find cosmetic patients coming to me to fix some work they had done elsewhere. Why are they not choosing me initially? I am not the cheapest but I am fairly priced for my skill and expertise so what is going on? I cannot imagine why cosmetic patients would risk [...]