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Working with Catherine and her team has been very profitable. We’re only half way through the year and I’m up $200K and I’m booked out for the next 2 months even though we typically go into our slow summer months now. Her recent promotion brought in an extra $63,782 with more surgeries scheduled. I never realized how much money was sitting in my patient list but I’m a believer now!


I have known Catherine for years and she delivers. We made a single investment of $2,500. Catherine put together a classy snail mail (with metrics) that brought in 67 calls, 56 injections and several surgeries for a total gross income of $72,000. That is a 2,880% return on our investment!


Since we’ve been working with Catherine and her team for the past 5 months, we’ve brought in $79K in surgeries and have booked an additional 17 surgical procedures and 20 non-invasive body procedures since then. This does not include the additional new patient referrals and revenues we are seeing from the on-going nurturing of my current patient database.


I was thoroughly impressed with her style, professionalism, in-depth knowledge. I asked Catherine to participate in the four day MBA Practice Management & Development Program at the 10th International Facial Plastic Symposium this past year. I was thoroughly impressed with her style, professionalism, in-depth knowledge of not only the aesthetic industry but the aesthetic Patients concerns and desires.

Her book, which primarily addresses internal marketing, is absolutely right on and we have incorporated many of her recommendations into our aesthetic practice. I certainly find there to be a tremendous amount of information on the Aesthetic Profits website as well as an extremely useful tool. I believe this will save us a considerable amount of time, money and also result in more callers converting to consultations and ultimately affect the bottom line of our conversion rate. Great Site!


Our consult conversions were running at 40-50%. Then we attended Catherine’s online training and implemented her strategies. They immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%.


We were opening up a cosmetic center in our ENT practice and I needed help figuring out how to profitably grow a cosmetic practice NOW – not years from now. However, there were so many different options and I was getting pulled in so many directions that I knew I needed someone with experience, in working with practices like ours, who could give me a road map to lead me through the maze to save me time and money.

I chose Catherine because I heard her speak at a medical conference and she was entertaining, knowledgeable and passionate about helping surgeons grow the cosmetic side of their practice. I also read her book and that solidified my trust in her.

Catherine turned into my “aesthetic coach” who gave me direction and kept me from wasting money when it came to offering specific procedures, technology and devices. She kept me focused on investing in things proven to grow the bottom line so I got a lot more bang for my buck than I would have on my own. I am grateful to Catherine for sharing her time and talents with us. Even though I originally balked at her fees, I quickly learned how much more value we got from the expertise that saved us a tremendous amount of time and money that would have been wasted. I highly recommend using Catherine’s coaching and consulting services if you want to do it right the first time.


Catherine Maley turned our practice around. We attended her How To Convert More Consultations webinar and implemented her system the following week. We converted more consultations in that week than we did in the entire month. Our practice went from a painful 50% no show rate to a remarkable 85% show rate. Even more impressive was our close ratio – from 35% to 80% and still increasing. We would recommend her to any practice that’s looking to not only increase their profits today, but sustain a healthy flow of income for many years to come. Thanks Catherine!


Your suggestions have doubled my volume


Catherine’s done-for-you marketing has been worth thousands to us every month. Her team does all work and we see our patients return and refer more often than we used to. I’m busier than I’ve been in years. Thanks Catherine.


The first two months of your done-for-you marketing program brought in more than $11,000! I am also happy to say that we are much busier with surgical as well as non-surgical procedures, which is in part, thanks to your marketing efforts. Catherine’s team is efficient, friendly and always produces the highest quality work that we are proud to present to our patients. Her savvy marketing program helped us increase our sales by more than 30% last year!!


Your recommendations are very precise and have made a very positive impact on our practice. Last effort, “Fountain of Youth Brunch” generated $35K.


I just want to let you know how successful your Mother’s Day promotion was and how delighted my office and myself were with the outcome. We saw over $22,000.00 in increase business with the promotion. The patients were excited about the offers and of course we were extremely satisfied with the results. Thank-you again for your creativity and personalized support. My office and I can’t wait until your next revenue generating idea.


Just one of Catherine’s strategies brought in $9,110 within four months and with very little effort. I now see how much revenue I was leaving on the table before she pointed it out. Catherine and her team have been easy to work with, responsive and their design work got my phone to ring. I recommend her to anyone who wants to promote their aesthetic services more strategically and professionally.


Great news. Your menu of services strategy, from our Endless Patients Program sold for me, over $8,000 of face and body Thermage Skin Tightening to a new patient who came to me for a $300 vein treatment. I average 15 appointments per month thanks to your Endless Patients on Auto Pilot program and my staff and I don’t do any of the work. Thank you so much.


Catherine, Sorry for the delayed response.  Things have evolved a bit differently from when we last talked.  Yes, last year did turn out well and you and I discussed some of your other suggestions that we had implemented but I expressed that we didn’t see the effect we had hoped for and so you and I discussed some other strategies and tweaking the right message, right audience, right medium. I still have yet had time to follow-up on implementing the additional, new strategies we discussed in our last phone call. However, I felt the need to reach out and follow-up with you because, as it turns out, the suggestions we had implemented that I complained we hadn’t seen any results from….well, I was wrong.

In the first quarter this year, our earnings from cosmetic surgery are up 96% over one year ago (last year was a slower than usual first quarter) and 44% from our prior best first quarter ever!  This increase in revenue was achieved by only adding a few additional patients over that quarter–better patients, better revenue with minimal additional labor on our part.  I attribute this to a few things.  Implementing your strategy to go “deep” in our marketing efforts in our local community, doing the same add with before/after photos of a facelift patient across multiple print and direct mail pieces and repeating these over a period of time, the age of our practice in the area and a local economy that continues to improve. The general marketing principles and guidance regarding the location of our practice and principles for future practice marketing and development were sound advice that have proven to be beneficial and true.

Thank you for your practical insight and advice.  We still have a way to go to see the full implementation and effect of all of your input and I am excited to see the results as they unfold! We have enjoyed working with you and I believe what you offer is unique in the consulting industry for our field.  Any practice, at any stage could benefit from the vast array of consulting information and products your firm offers. We look forward to continuing to seek out your services as we continue to grow!


I have participated with Catherine on practice-building panels and she’s visited my practice. Her insights enlighten me and have help me fine-tune my approach to attract and keep my preferred patients.


She has helped us gain exposure in Marin and I know she can do the same for you. 
Catherine is a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm is contagious. Catherine is excellent at coordinating projects to ensure we get the best results from any of our marketing efforts. She has helped us gain exposure in Marin and I know she can do the same for you.


I knew that Catherine understood the field of plastic surgery after reading her book Your Aesthetic Practice, What Your Patients are Saying. In fact, I bought a copy for each of my staff to read and we began discussing each chapter at weekly luncheon meetings.I turned to Catherine and she did an outstanding job of quickly designing a new logo and related materials including a new newsletter. In a word, I believe she is a real professional who is dedicated to our field and we will continue to find ways of having her help us with our practice.


If you have an interest in aesthetic medicine, here is someone you should know who can help you attract cosmetic patients to your practice. Catherine is a valuable resource and I encourage you to contact her.


The birthday cards brought in $5,500 the very first month. Our patients raved about how pretty they were and how much they appreciated them. One patient converted to a surgical procedure and the Good Will we are building with our patients is priceless.


Catherine Maley is a pleasure to work with! She is creative in her approach to marketing one’s medical practice and is excellent at staff team building.


Catherine has been instrumental in helping us market and produce a world-class brochure for a continuing medical education course that we are putting on at Stanford. She has tremendous creative abilities, a great sense of aesthetics, integrates herself into the team and meets deadlines. I highly recommend her.


Your staff did an excellent job with their mystery shopping calls and written report. It was nice to hear that my staff was doing a good job, and that there were still many areas that could be done even better. There were many great bits of information in the report and our conversation really helped to pull it all together. I’m looking forward to utilizing the scripting materials and the phone conference with my staff. I plan on implementing your suggestions tomorrow.


I have worked with Catherine Maley for the past two months and I have been extremely happy with our relationship. As a young doctor with a new practice, I initially felt a great deal of anxiety about the prospect of making a name for myself. Catherine’s detailed assessment of each part of my practice, and her subsequent knowledgeable recommendations, have really put my mind at ease. I now have an excellent marketing plan based on her experience and insight that I never could have formulated myself. There is no doubt that the investment in Cosmetic Image Marketing will pay off very well in the near future.


Catherine’s outstanding book is an excellent overview and resource regarding marketing an aesthetic medical practice. It begins where marketing should begin, with the patients themselves. Excellent survey results reveal what the patients want and don’t want. There are many practical tips on patient relations, rapport building, the consultation process and decision making. Emphasis is placed where it should be; on internal marketing strategies. External marketing is put in excellent perspective and the author makes it clear it should not even be attempted until the infrastructure is in place and the internal marketing strategies have been fully implemented. This outstanding piece by Catherine Maley, MBA, should be a welcomed addition to any aesthetic physician’s library and will provide an excellent outline for not only physicians in early practice but for mature practices as well. It has certainly been helpful to me to have the pleasure of reviewing this book.


Catherine’s knowledge of the aesthetic patient and her insights into communicating with them has helped me be more effective when presenting to my patients. Now I relate much better to my patients and close more procedures because I speak at the level my patients best understand. I would recommend Catherine’s materials to any physician who wants better conversion rates.


I would recommend her to anyone wanting to grow an aesthetic practice. Catherine has been a great resource for me while growing my aesthetic practice. Using her expertise, I have been able to convert current patients to aesthetics as well as add many new patients. She has also been helpful growing my exposure in the media. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to grow an aesthetic practice.


Catherine Maley has been a valuable addition to our marketing for Rejuvenate. Her book Your Aesthetic Practice is a must read for any practice with a cosmetic portion. Personally she is very pleasant and her years of experience are invaluable. She adds that marketing touch that brings her clients to the next level. She is creative and has a great artistic eye.


Your book, along with the receptionist and staff books have helped a great deal. As a matter of fact, I review them often. There are 24 of the “50 Ways” that I want to have implemented within the next six weeks. Nancy, my marketing person and myself are working on creating a “Welcome Package” for the Medspa. Your templates are making it quite easy to do this. Not only will your tools help me to present a more professional image for my business, but I am quite sure that as I continue to incorporate your suggestion in my marketing that I will be pleased with the additional revenue that will be generated.


Catherine provides an excellent framework to create and grow an aesthetic practice. She thoughtfully details each step of the process from intake, to consultation through post-operative care. Her paradigm shifts the mind set from medical practice to top-tier service provider. This guidebook is required reading for all members of our team.


Catherine really understands the aesthetic patient and what they want and need. I highly recommend this book to any physician wanting to grow their aesthetic practice.


I was able to save time and money by doing it right the first time rather than guess and experiment. Catherine gave my staff excellent training on how to convert callers into appointments and appointments into procedures. She also showed my staff how instrumental they are in growing my practice and gave them excellent tips on how to network and market me and the practice in the community. I highly recommend working with Catherine if you want to save time, money and hassle trying to figure this out for yourself. Working with her is well worth it.


I highly recommend using Catherine’s consulting services if you’re serious about growing your aesthetic practice. Her insight and perspective were invaluable. We began to look at our practice through the aesthetic patient’s eye which has made all the difference in our approach to marketing our services. Catherine’s recommendations were very helpful and got us back on track. We were able to pin-point some areas that needed improvement and as a result we’ve saved money and helped our bottom line. We are very happy with Cosmetic Image Marketing and would recommend anyone with an aesthetic practice to take advantage of the services available. You’ll be happy you did!


50 Ways has provided innumerable professional templates for effective advertising campaigns that have brought 30-40 people to my seminars. 50 Ways has been the source of my “Menu of Cosmetic Services” that hangs proudly in all my exam rooms ensuring my patients are aware of ALL the services I provide. Catherine’s Exceptional Receptionist has been a wonderful resource at monthly staff meetings, and has helped my staff to understand patients’ needs and convert most phone calls into consultations.


I have taken and implemented over six pages of “Pearls” into our next team huddle from the other night. I am the office manager – patient coordinator – surgical coordinator – medical aesthetician – laser specialist AND handle our marketing & events – there was something for every part of my job! I really appreciate YOUR passion it really shows. I didn’t want to turn the seminar off and even waited for an encore. I also love your VALUE added approach. Thank you!


I purchased the 12 How-To Modules. The modules have been extremely helpful in bringing in many new patients to my aesthetics practice.


The How To Series gives me excellent tactical ideas to attract new patients, increase the amount they spend with us and so much more. The system is even great to retain those patients and ensure that they will be returning to our practice for a long time. I use these modules as training sessions for my staff and that’s helped us work together as a team. They are especially valuable for a new physician starting out in practice and should be required viewing!


I really like your new audio series How To Turn Your Phone Calls Into Profits. Hearing the variety of your lively voices role-play the caller and the receptionist helped me visualize your concepts better. And because it’s so interactive, my staff will retain the information better. This tool will be mandatory for all new staff hires and that will make my job easier.


Catherine is a true professional. She has used her extensive knowledge of the cosmetic surgery marketplace to help our practice grow. She has always been responsive and thoughtful in offering concepts tailored for our practice’s goals.


I sold $24,000 with more on the way! Catherine and her team did a great of designing marketing pieces to help me get the word out to my patients about a new procedure I offer. Thanks to their creativity, we had a packed house at our event with more than 80 attendees and I sold $24,000 that evening with more on the way!


Of all the marketing material I have read and used, Catherine’s are by far the best. Her Staff Guide Book outlines in detail the process of one on one marketing down to the little things that often turn out to be the difference between success and failure in closing a consult.


I caught the PM receptionist using one of the lines from -Exceptional Receptionist- to snag a potential Botox patient who was there to have her son seen for acne! Thank you for your excellent ideas.


There is no one who understands aesthetic marketing better than Catherine Maley. If you want to take your practice to the next level and find more profit and enjoyment from your patients, your staff and yourself satisfaction, then you want to consult with Catherine Maley. You won’t be sorry and you will be richer!


Catherine’s materials have been eye-opening for me and fascinating. They’ve helped me understand my patients and how they think so I’m able to promote my aesthetic services to them effectively and professionally. I now see how important it is to get guidance on the patient’s perspective so they say yes to me.


Catherine has proven to be a valuable asset at my annual medical conference held for surgeons. Her talks are well attended and she’s got a gift for educating physicians and staff n an entertaining and inspiring way. Her incites are invaluable to my conference attendees who are there to learn how to stay in front of their competitors an how to grow their aesthetic practices.


Catherine Maley knows medical marketing. She understands the aesthetic patient and how to run a successful aesthetic practice. Catherine has provided excellent advice which we have used for our practice with visible results.


We have been very pleased with our relationship with Catherine. Her recent evaluation and recommendations for our practice have been extremely helpful. Her experience enabled her to accurately evaluate our practice in its current situation and identify potential for growth. Her interaction with our staff has been tremendous. She has concrete ideas for marketing our practice, ideas that we can implement immediately. We would recommend her service without hesitation.


I shared the podium with Catherine Maley at the 5th Annual Facial Cosmetic Surgery 2009 Conference and saw first hand how know-ledgeable she was about us as physicians, business people and marketers. I gathered a lot of insight about present day marketing from Catherine and her engaging personality just added to her wealth of knowledge. Her insights about how to promote aesthetic services were invaluable to we physicians who want to succeed.


Catherine gave three excellent talks at my workshop that were insightful and beneficial to our members. Her energetic style and professionalism added a great deal of value to our program.


It was such a pleasure meeting you and Heather and listening to your seminars. You are such a wonderful speaker and I learned so much from you. I would just like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all and let you know that it was very helpful for our practice.


Your book, along with the receptionist and staff books have helped a great deal. As a matter of fact, I review them all often.


Catherine’s book Your Aesthetic Practice has become mandatory reading for all my staff. It has helped to transform my practice from almost entirely insurance- based to increasingly cosmetically driven.


Physicians spend many years learning how to best treat the medical needs of our patients. However, no one taught us the non-medical aspects of how to actually care for them as people. As physicians we long resisted the concept of – marketing- Ms. Maley as written this superb guide so both you and your staff can let patients know what you can offer them in a compassionate environment.


Surgeons early in their career and seasoned ones alike will find insights and useful observations as they read.


Catherine, I really appreciate the personal attention you showed me and my staff.  Your suggestions about re-working the consultations were particularly valuable.  We will focus on stressing the emotional impact and value to the patient of a successful procedure, rather than emphasizing the science and technical details of how the procedure works. Thanks and best regards.


Hi Catherine, Thank you so much for the highly informative webinar. I am looking forward to reading your book and reviewing the DVD a few more times-there was just so many helpful tips regarding patient communication and practice flow that I would like to take in.