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Catherine_ nobookMy career started at the Illinois State Medical Society in the mid-80’s as a Staff Coordinator working with physicians from specialties and then transferred to the California Medical Association in San Francisco to run the House of Delegates and worked side-by-side with the Executive Committee so I got a good understanding of the challenges, threats and opportunities facing physicians.Since I knew my true calling was marketing and sales, I spent the next 15 years selling for Fortune 500 companies where I always ranked in the top 15% of sales people nationwide. I then joined the dotcom boom and was national sales manager, marketing manager and product development manager for two start-ups. That really got my entrepreneurial spirit going and the experience taught me how important it was to not only have great ideas but also execute them quickly.I then turned 40 and was showing a bit of “wear and tear”. I wanted to stay competitive in the business world as well as the social world so I started shopping around for physicians who knew Botox, fillers and lasers. However, I found the level of patient relations at that time to be less than stellar. For the most part, I was listening to curt, unfriendly and unhelpful receptionists. I would visit an office and feel like I was interrupting them with my whimsical cosmetic needs, and I was often kept waiting so long, I would get frustrated and leave!

I knew the aesthetic medical industry could use my varied skill sets in marketing, advertising, sales and customer service to effectively run successful aesthetic practices so here I am.

Catherine Maley at Sausalito
I now speak at medical meetings all over the world and write for the top medical trade publications in the industry. I consult with the Top Docs in the industry as well as industry vendors. My creative team of designers, copywriters, webmasters, videographer, mail house and print shop provide products, consulting, and done-for-you services to aesthetic physicians ready to take their practice to the next level.

On a personal note, I live and work in Sausalito, CA. It’s a small bedroom community in the winter and a booming tourist spot in the summer since it’s located right over the Golden Gate Bridge and has breath-taking views of San Francisco and sailboats, as well as miles of hiking trails. My dog Kendyl is our office mascot and can often be heard when I’m on the telephone…sigh.


February 9-11

AACSAnnual February Meeting

Location: San Diego

April 27 – May 1


NOTE: I will be presenting a 2-Hour Course,“Cosmetic Patient Attraction & Conversion Blueprint” with handouts and lotsof deliverables. Sign up for the course and I’ll see you there!

Location:San Diego Convention Center

June 7-11


VegasCosmetic Surgery
Las Vegas, The Bellagio

October 26-28

AAFPRS Annual Meeting

AAFPRS Annual Meeting
Phoeniz, AZ

November 1-5

GlobalAesthetics Conference
Miami Loews, Miami Beach Hotel


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Medical Association Affiliations

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)endorsed YAP book and carry our products in members store
  • ASAPS AAFPRS Multi-Specialty AACS Buyer’s Guide – carry products
  • Creative Age Publications – carry products
  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM)
  • Pacific Training Institute of Facial Aesthetics (PTIFA)
  • International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

Education and Related Experience

MBA, University of San Francisco

BS, Marketing, Golden Gate, San Francisco

California Medical Association (CMA), House of Delegates Coordinator

Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS), Staff Coordinator

I was thoroughly impressed with her style, professionalism, in-depth knowledge. I asked Catherine to participate in the four day MBA Practice Management & Development Program at the 10th International Facial Plastic Symposium this past year. I was thoroughly impressed with her style, professionalism, in-depth knowledge of not only the aesthetic industry but the aesthetic Patients concerns and desires.

Her book, which primarily addresses internal marketing, is absolutely right on and we have incorporated many of her recommendations into our aesthetic practice. I certainly find there to be a tremendous amount of information on the Aesthetic Profits website as well as an extremely useful tool. I believe this will save us a considerable amount of time, money and also result in more callers converting to consultations and ultimately affect the bottom line of our conversion rate. Great Site!


Catherine has proven to be a valuable asset at my annual medical conference held for surgeons. Her talks are well attended and she’s got a gift for educating physicians and staff n an entertaining and inspiring way. Her incites are invaluable to my conference attendees who are there to learn how to stay in front of their competitors an how to grow their aesthetic practices.


Catherine: I can honestly say you have more knowledge about managing a cosmetic practice than anyone I have talked to and you carry with your presentations the enthusiasm and energy that makes people want to listen to you. Your presentations were excellent and I did not realize that my new employee has your book and tapes. Thanks for your help.


I shared the podium with Catherine Maley at the 5th Annual Facial Cosmetic Surgery 2009 Conference and saw first hand how know-ledgeable she was about us as physicians, business people and marketers. I gathered a lot of insight about present day marketing from Catherine and her engaging personality just added to her wealth of knowledge. Her insights about how to promote aesthetic services were invaluable to we physicians who want to succeed.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge during the meeting. It was by for the best meeting I have ever attended.


It was terrific to see you in action on Saturday! You are super fun to watch and listen to! I could not wait to come home and tell my husband what and amazing presentation you did. You have ideas that are unstoppable and you communicate those ideas in a rapid and very forth giving way. I wish I could CLONE YOU. I would have the most successful MediSpa on the planet! I ordered our book and if you find yourself in my neck of he woods please don’t hesitate to call me and come by!