4 Top Reasons for Cosmetic Practice Failure

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This Week’s Topic: 4 Top Reasons for Cosmetic Practice Failure

After working with cosmetic surgeons for the past 16
years, as well as what I learn speaking with cosmetic
patients all over the US, I identified these most common and overlooked areas of practice failure.

Practice Failure #1:

You’re not developing enough of a relationship with your current cosmetic patients.
That includes not staying in touch in a way that compels them to contact you.

This leads your cosmetic patients to believe you don’t care about them so they wander off to your competitors.

And, Yes, I’m talking about your “current patients” because in a nutshell:

  • They are easier, cheaper, and more trusting of you.
  • They’re much more likely to respond to you.
  • They’re easier to convert because you already have
    credibility with them.

And we all know a successful cosmetic surgery practice gets a majority of their
new patients from their current patients through Word-of-Mouth referrals, right?

As a matter of fact, I did a survey of the top plastic surgery practices in the US and, on average, 45% of their new patients are coming from referrals and another 30% were current patients returning for more.

So, it’s well worth it to you to focus on your successes, don’t you think?

http://www.cosmeticimagemarketing.com/whitepaper/Practice Failure #2: 

You have no real differentiation in the marketplace –
you seem like everyone else in this extremely
crowded industry so I’ll show you how to stand
out and to do it in a fun way cosmetic patients notice.

Practice Failure #3:

Failure to give your current patients a compelling reason to return and refer.
I’m talking about irresistible offers your patients can’t say no to.

This gets them off the couch and into your office to spend more money with you
rather than continue to procrastinate. Think about it, nobody NEEDS
plastic surgery but a whole bunch of your patients WANT it, so you can
accelerate them to take action NOW.

Practice Failure #4:http://www.cosmeticimagemarketing.com/whitepaper/

The inability to nail down a profitable marketing plan with proven revenue streams
to keep
a steady stream of cash-paying patients coming to you.

You may think you have this but you probably don’t.
You’re doing one or two things but that’s not enough.
You need to do THE RIGHT things more consistently and I’ll show you how.

Because this fixes everything when it comes to cosmetic patient marketing.

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Do you have a plan in place now?
If not, why not? What’s holding you back?