How to Follow-Up After the Consult to Convert
2018 How to Turn Your Staff Into Revenue Generators 
WEDNESDAY, August 8th at 8:30PM EAST / 5:30PM WEST
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Join me on my next FREE online presentation, “2018 How to Turn Your Staff Into Revenue Generators” where you will discover:

  • How your staff can do 70% of the “heavy lifting” so you have more time to focus on your craft;
  • Turn your staff into your professional “Sales Ambassadors” rather than just an overhead expense;
  • What your staff can do to position you as the BEST choice over your competitors.
Important Note:  

This presentation is held after office hours because it's specifically for plastic surgeons and their administrators, marketing directors and office managers who are in charge of keeping the practice busy with new patient leads.

"See" you there -

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